Blog Integration Service

The Blog Integration service involves integrating your WordPress blog with third-party systems such as mailing list platforms, e-commerce, and customer relationship software.

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Your blog can be integrated with any of the following platforms:

Examples of Blog integrations include:

Subscriber Capture

Mailing List Email Marketing Platforms provide forms you can use on your blog to capture the email addresses of website visitors and add them to a mailing list.

The process is implemented using embedded forms or popups

Lead Magnets (The Bait)

Some website visitors who want to follow your blog will happily add their email address to your subscriber list. However, most will need some encouragement.

A lead magnet is a term used to describe an incentive offered by the website owner in exchange for the visitor’s email address or contact information.

Typical incentives would be access to additional digital information such as an Ebook, Printable, or other resources.

Marketing Automation and Email sequencing.

Email automation is the process of sending emails based on triggers (i.e., completion of a form) or time intervals.

A typical scenario is to send a sequence of emails to subscribers.

Abandoned Cart Automation

Some bloggers use eCommerce solutions such as Woocommerce to sell products alongside their blog.

Abandoned cart automation is a process that triggers when a user fills in their details at checkout but don’t end up completing the purchase.

This scenario used to result in a guaranteed lost sale.

However, most mailing list/email marketing platforms provide functionality where you can automatically trigger a process of events if this occurs. Often the sale can be resurrected.

Maybe, you’ll want to send a series of emails to a person who abandoned their cart

Abandoned cart automation is good for getting the previously “lost” buyer to return and complete their purchase.

What’s the Next Step?

It’s impossible to give a flat fixed quote because the scope of work involved will vary a lot across different types of projects.

Every blogger has unique requirements.

However, once you get a quote, the figure remains unchanged (as long as the requirements remain the same). Contact me to discuss solutions for what you need.

I am available on Live Chat or email.

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Blog Integration ServiceBlog Integration Service

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