Email List Building Course – 10,000 Subscribers in 90 Days

Delivered by GetResponse, learn the secrets to successful email marketing campaigns, and building a mass of subscribers.


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by GetResponse

The target is to build a list of 10,000 subscribers in 90 days. The course focuses on finding new traffic sources and converting leads to subscribers.

Video Training Modules

The course is based on a 90-part email marketing video presentation.

Printable PDFs

Printable PDFs with complementary tips and actions to build your list.

Practical Tips

You receive practical tips you can action in your own blog or business model.

Official Certification

Official Certification if you get at least 1,000 subscribers.


List-Building Fundamentals

The “do’s” and one (big!) don’t of building an email subscriber list.

Lead Magnets and How TO Create Them

Learn about lead magnets (the “bait”) to tempt people to join your list.

Creating Subscriber Forms

Integrate subscriber forms and lead magnets into your website.

Marketing Automation

Learn to create campaigns and automate email. Have your tools working while you sleep.

Social Media Promotions

Learn to create engaging images, video and content while building strategic alliances.


Develop SEO-friendly and engaging content, and how to get guest post gigs.

Customer Relationship Model

Learn and how to create and manage a Customer Relationship Model (CRM)

Creating & Running Webinars

Learn to plan and host webinars, and create smashing marketing videos..

Analyze and Manage Your Results

Analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns with metrics and stats.

Email Blogging Course – 10,000 Subscribers in 90 Days!

The Full Syllabus

1. Welcome to the GetResponse List Building Program
2. Fundamentals: the dos and one (big!) don’t of list building
3. Lead magnets and how to create them
4. Complete your lead magnet and brainstorm promotion
5. Create a signup form for your homepage
6. Customize your confirmation and welcome emails
7. Use marketing automation to welcome new contacts
8. Use landing pages to increase your signups
9. Set up your email marketing strategy and schedule
10. Starting from zero? Invite friends, colleagues, and other connections
11. Add a signup form to your Facebook page and email signature
12. Create and test using a popup or exit-intent form on your site
13. How to produce video marketing content for social media
14. Customize your site’s 404 and thank you pages
15. Optimize your site’s About page and add an opt-in form in the footer

16. How to create engaging images
17. Promote your lead magnet on social media
18. Find and follow influential sites in your industry
19. Develop your content themes
20. Comment on blogs to grow your list and build relationships
21. How to find guest blogging opportunities
22. Pitch a guest post
23. Introduction to CRM and how to use it for list building
24. Set up a CRM pipeline to optimize your customer targeting
25. Important metrics to monitor
26. Set up a goal in Google Analytics
27. How to repurpose a blog post in social media formats
28. Why we blog
29. Copywriting 101
30. Write the draft of your first guest blog post

31. Write final version of your blog post and how to write your author bio
32. Promote your first guest post and answer comments
33. Reformat the blog post for social media and create a newsletter archive
34. Pitch your second guest blog post and start creating a draft
35. Keep pitching and drafting your second guest blog post to completion
36. Promote your second guest blog post and answer comments
37. Reformat your second guest post for social media
38. Create your email course: Pick your topic and start your outline
39. Create your first draft of your email course lessons
40. Keep working on your ecourse and start pitching and drafting your third guest blog post
41. Finish your email course and setting it up as an autoresponder
42. Use marketing automation to track email course engagement
43. Finish your third guest blog post and create a new landing page for your email course
44. Promote your third guest blog post and reply to comments
45. Launch your email course promo

46. Basics of PPC and Adwords
47. Basics of social and Facebook advertising
48. Monitor and optimize PPC or social ads
49. Introduction to webinar marketing
50. Pick a webinar topic and search for a webinar partner
51. Midway check in: Keeping delivery rates high and managing your growing list
52. Finalize your webinar partner arrangement and start pitching your fourth guest blog post
53. Draft your fourth guest blog post and start working on webinar content
54. Finish your fourth guest blog post and promote it. Keep working on your webinar content.
55. Promote your webinar and finish up the content development
56. Webinar promotion continued
57. Do another webinar promo push and pitch your fifth guest blog post
58. Draft your fifth guest blog post and run the webinar technical test
59. Finish your fifth blog post and promote it
60. Do the final webinar promo push

61. Host your webinar
62. Post-webinar follow up
63. Importance of strategic partnerships
64. How to get interviews
65. Partner with other sites and public speaking
66. Facebook contest introduction and planning
67. Finish Facebook contest planning and implementation works
68. Promote your Facebook contest
69. Manage your Facebook contest and reformat a blog post for social media
70. Finalize the Facebook contest and close it
71. Recapping your Facebook contest
72. Pitch and draft your sixth guest blog post
73. Finish your sixth guest blog post
74. Promote your sixth guest blog post and reformat it for social media
75. Pick your second webinar topic

76. Start pitching and drafting your seventh guest blog post
77. Write your webinar pitch
78. Finish your seventh guest blog post
79. Start your webinar content development
80. Promote your seventh guest blog post
81. Continue webinar content creation
82. Webinar content development and start the promo
83. Finish webinar content development
84. Second webinar promo push
85. Final webinar promo push and technical test
86. Host your second webinar
87. Post webinar communication and engagement
88. Importance of list hygiene
89. Use scoring and tagging to clean our list and track engagement long term
90. You did it! Review your results and plan for future works and optimization


The course is ideal for those seeking to build an email list. Email Marketing is still an essential component in creating a successful Blog. It’s ideal for business and bloggers. The course also comes with official certification by an acclaimed company.

Will it benefit bloggers?

An Email List is essential for Bloggers. It’s yours to own. Social Media Channels such as Youtube channels and Facebook Groups have been deleted overnight. Yes, even with thousands of followers. Email Lists are a safe haven for bloggers to keep their biggest asset – the audience.

Your Course Provider


GetResponse delivers the Email List Building course.

Founded in 1999, they are one of the best-established mailing list platform providers in the business.

It is a robust platform and a well-established brand with over 350,000 customers.

Your Course Instructor
Abby Hehemann

Abby Hehemann

Abby Hehemann is Product Marketing Manager for GetResponse. She focuses on the inbound marketing communication of the GetResponse tools, always finding new ways for GetResponse to help online marketers achieve their goals.

You’ll learn foundation skills that will give you a much better perspective on how to build lists, funnels, and generate traffic to your blog.


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FREE Email List Building to course with a target of gaining 10,000 Subscribers in 90 days.FREE Email List Building to course with a target of gaining 10,000 Subscribers in 90 days.FREE Email List Building to course with a target of gaining 10,000 Subscribers in 90 days.

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