7 Facebook Groups for New Bloggers

For new bloggers, Facebook Groups can be a gold mine when it comes to sourcing blogging tips, collaborating with other bloggers, and building networks.

Here are seven such groups that get the right balance right for new bloggers. They are non-spammy, well-administered, and active.

None of the groups I’m going to list are particularly abundant in member numbers, but in this case, the less is more theory really does work. They are small enough for you to get to know other bloggers, but big enough to offer an active place to go when advice is needed.

Blogging Newbs

Blogging Newbs is a group run by McKinzie Bean of MomsMakeCents. Despite the group’s name, it’s a community for bloggers at different stages, so you’ll find plenty of other newbies, along with more experienced bloggers.

It’s a friendly, collaborative group and one I’d certainly recommend for any new blogger. Much like the song Hotel California, you might check out, but you’ll never leave!

Boost Your Blog 101

Boost Your Blog 101 is purely a blog engagement group. It’s doesn’t have much of a community dimension to it. The group’s sole purpose is to engage and promote blogs and social media.

Need Blog Comments? Need Pinterest Pins shared? Need Social Media followers? If so, then this is the group for you. Sharing is done on a bulk “You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours” type of reciprocal arrangement.

Pinfinite Traffic for Bloggers

Pinfinite Traffic for Bloggers is Jen Towkaniuk’s spinoff group from her DigitalSheeo page. As the group name suggests, there is a strong emphasis on promoting blogs through Pinterest.

However, Pinterest is not the only mechanism promoted. There are weekly opportunities to encourage blog engagement and get support for other social media channels.

It’s a fast-growing, friendly group with an Administrator on a mission. Well worth a look.

Blogging Breakthroughs with Faith Mariah

Faith Mariah is well-know in blogging circles, and a contributor to the Genius Bloggers Toolkit, that comes around each October.

The group is conversational, with tips and best practices at the forefront of the discussion. Faith also does Q&A sessions, podcasts, and Facebook Live videos.

A friendly community that offers good value.

From Zero To Blog Hero

Marta Ostoja Kiedrzynska and Greta Omoboni run the Zero to Blog Here group.

The group is a careful balance of community discussion and blog engagement threads.

Focused primarily on developing money-making blogs with Instagram as the primary traffic driver, there are plenty of good tips and strategies for bloggers of all experience levels.

A Self Guru

A Self Guru run by Amira Law describes itself as a group of “Go-Getters, Bloggers, and Entrepreneurs supporting each other with legal, business, and blogging tips.”

I think that description fits the bill, although it’s safe to say that there is a focus towards the legalities of the blogging (the group admin is a lawyer).

Overall, the group is a friendly community with an active and helpful administrator.

Bloggers Pod

OK, now a shameless plug for a group that isn’t going to be up and running until mid July, 2020. It is technically “live” so you can join in advance.

Most Blogging Groups focus on strategy, content, and monetization of blogs.

This new group is going to fill a vacuum that I believe exists for the technical support side.

It will cover areas like blog setup, theme installation, plugins, website speed, fixing bugs, and optimization.

Join in advance; I promise it will be worth it.

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7 Facebook Groups for New Bloggers7 Facebook Groups for New Bloggers7 Facebook Groups for New Bloggers

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