FREE Blog Setup Service

If you’re ready to start blogging but feel worried about the technical steps involved to set everything up, then my Free Blog Setup Service should be an excellent fit for you.

All you need to cover is the cost of buying your domain name (web address) and web hosting.

I’ll take care of all the security, performance, and optimization setups so that you can begin your blog on the right foot without the stress of figuring all that out.

The caveat is that you use one of the web hosting partners below (using my sign-up link). I have deliberately partnered with the most popular hosts used by successful Bloggers.

For transparency, the hosting website links are affiliate links that give me a small commission.

That offsets the cost of my time doing the work setting you up.

The commission I receive comes out of the web hosting company’s profits, you don’t pay extra, making it a win-win situation for all of us.

  • You have your blog set up professionally and optimized for success.
  • The hosting company has a new customer
  • I earn some commission.

The cherry on the cake is that you’ll also get price discounts using my web links to the hosting companies. Heck, you don’t even need me to set your site up – you’ll still get discounts by using them!

Blogging Mechanic is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Full Affiliate Disclosure.

Web Hosting & Discounts

You receive discounts from all four of these web hosts using the links below:

Why these four hosts? The short answer is that they are four of the biggest hosting companies and very popular with bloggers.

I’ve used all of them without any significant issues. There are plenty of others that did not make this list.

I’ll explain more about the four hosting companies shortly, but first I’ll explain what you receive as part of the Free Blog Setup service, and how it benefits you as a blogger.

The Free Blog Setup Service

So what do I do you for you? 

OK, here is the list of things I’ll do to start you off on the right track. This is a “no-frills” service, so if you want something more extensive, check out the premium blog setup service.

Hosting Setup

Setup and configuration of the web hosting account.


Domain Name Mapping

Managing DNS & Nameserver settings so your domain points to your site.


Install & Configure WordPress

Installation and Configuration of the latest version of WordPress with automatic updates.


Setup Secure Certificate

Secure certificates provide critical security, privacy, and data integrity for your website and visitors.


Theme Installation

Installation of a StudioPress or GeneratePress Premium Theme is inclusive or you can provide us with another theme of your choice.


Wordfence Security

Installation and setup of Wordfence security to scan and monitor your installation and plugins. Added peace of mind and security.


Image Optimization

Automatic optimization and compression of your image uploads to enhance speed and performance.


Caching for Performance

Website caching minimizes network traffic while improving the perceived speed and responsiveness of your site.


FREE Blog Setup! Start Blogging Today.

Set up the Hosting Account

Depending on the host you select, there may be some initial baby steps of the sign-up process that you need to complete as the account holder.

I’ll help you every step of the way and give the guidance you need via telephone, live chat, or instant messaging.

Once, you’ve gone through the sign-up process, I’ll take it from there.

Domain Name Mapping

The domain name is your website address. You can register an address with any domain registrar. If you want a recommendation, then I’d suggest Namecheap or Google Domains. Both offer domain name privacy by default. If you don’t have domain name privacy, prepare to get unsolicited phone calls and emails!

Once your domain name is registered, I will edit the Nameservers or DNS settings on the domain to point at your web hosting account.

Install and Configure WordPress

WordPress is the most popular Blogging Platform available. I’ll ensure you are set up with the latest version and with automatic updates, so you won’t ever need to worry about not being up to date.

Setup a Secure Certificate (SSL)

SSL (Secure Socket Layers) is essential for protecting your website. Secure certificates provide critical security, privacy, and data integrity for both your websites and your users’ personal information.

Websites with a secure certificate begin with “https” and have a padlock marking them as secure. Google and other search engines penalize websites that aren’t marked secure in search engine rankings.

I’ll take care of this and make sure your website is humming nicely under a secure certificate.

WordPress Theme Installation

Themes govern the layout, look, and feel of your blog. The popularity of WordPress works in its favor, with thousands of themes available.

There are plenty of free themes on that you can use for your blog. Alternatively, you might want to push the boat out and pay for a premium theme.

Some commercial theme websites you might want to check out include ThemeforestStudioPressTemplate Monster, and Elegant Themes. I’d also recommend checking out GeneratePress and Astra as potential themes for your blog.

I’m okay with installing any theme of your choice.

Installation of WordFence Security

The massive popularity of WordPress (running over 30% of the Internet) means it is also the most attacked platform by hackers.

To help protect your website, I install and configure the Wordfence plugin. This will notify you of any suspicious activity on the site.

Wordfence also notifies you if anything needs updating to a newer version, like a plugin or theme. It’s an excellent plugin that provides an additional level of security and peace of mind.

Image Optimization

Many blogs suffer from poor technical performance because of bloated unoptimized images.

Images regularly get uploaded onto a blog without being pre-processed to reduce the file size.

This can kill the load time and speed of a blog which doesn’t help with Google rankings or user experience.

I will set up an image optimization plugin that will do this work for you automatically.

Integrate Caching for Performance

Caching involves storing copies of your web files in a cache so that they are accessed more quickly by visitors.

If you are a non-technical blogger, all you need to know is that this is a standard practice used by developers and makes your website faster.

What’s the Next Step?

To take advantage of the Free Blog Setup Service, get in touch. I’m available by contact form, live chat, and email

It is an exciting time for new Bloggers, and I genuinely enjoy playing this small but useful role at the beginning of your blogging journey.

Starting your blogging journey
Starting your blogging journey

Web Hosting for a New Blogger

We touched on web hosting a little earlier and identified my own shortlist as follows (discount links and coupons behind links):

If you were to ask me for a preference, then I would recommend SiteGround or Cloudways for new bloggers. They both have above 90% average reviews on Trustpilot. Those numbers are phenomenal for a web host.


Cloudways are VPS Hosts, meaning you get a Virtual Private Server all to yourself – resources such as CPU power, memory, and disk space are allocated to you and ringfenced.

If that sounds a bit technical, don’t worry – I’m setting all this up for you, remember? All you’ll need to do is write Blog Posts with the assurance that your site is optimized for performance and security.

Cloudways Web Hosting for Bloggers
Cloudways Web Hosting for Bloggers

Cloudways is a Pay-As-You-Go Web Hosting Service, and a $10 a month plan will be fine to get you going.

Unlike with the other hosts on the list, opening an account with Cloudways means that you aren’t signing up for extended term contracts or paying a chunk of cash in advance.

Also, with my Cloudways discount link and promo code, you’ll only be paying $7 for the first two months.

Cloudways aren’t just favorites with bloggers; lots of developers use them too. They have a 90% rating on Trustpilot. You’ll be in safe hands.


SiteGround is very popular with Bloggers. Like Cloudways, they have an excellent rating on Trustpilot.

Also, if you join any social media blogging groups, you’ll discover the host is regarded highly among its user base.

SiteGround Web Hosting for Bloggers
SiteGround Web Hosting for Bloggers

SiteGround doesn’t offer Pay-As-You-Go hosting plans.

The minimum commitment is a one-year plan. These are well-priced for entry-level. Check out the discounted prices here.

If you don’t want to commit to a longer initial contract than a year, be aware that SiteGround’s initial pricing ramps up significantly in Year 2.

It’s still a good offering, and SiteGround is one of the few remaining hosts to offer telephone support.


DreamHost was initially founded in 1997 as the New Dream Network, while its founders were still undergraduates at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California.

Since those early days, the business had evolved into one of the world’s best known and larger web hosting providers.

Dreamhost Web Hosting for Bloggers
Dreamhost Web Hosting for Bloggers

Dreamhost offers a Pay-As-You-Go Monthly Shared Hosting Plan for around $5 per month. The particular package isn’t as powerful a platform as the Cloudways VPS service.

Shared hosting plans mean you share resources with other users. On cheaper plans, it usually translates to a lot of users sharing.

Dreamhost does offer even cheaper plans if you sign up for more extended periods and pay in advance.

Likewise, they also offer more powerful plans at a higher price. There is a variety of options available. You can check out their different offers and prices here.

Dreamhost has a good reputation with positive reviews from over 90% of their users on Trustpilot.


Bluehost probably gets recommended more often than any other host in online groups, so it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that they provide the best hosting solution.

However, I’ll give it to you straight. Of these four, Bluehost’s cheapest plan would probably be my last choice on the list for a new blogger.

Bluehost Web Hosting for Bloggers
Bluehost Web Hosting for Bloggers

Remember, I mentioned that I receive affiliate commissions earlier? Well, Bluehost pays the most. That’s why a lot of Bloggers recommend them.

It would be easy for me to recommend them, but I think the other three hosts offer a better alternative. Not to mention, I’m getting fed up of reading fake reviews.

The cheapest Bluehost offers advertised online are quoting low monthly costs that are only available if you take out a three-year plan and pay in advance.

For a new blogger, I’d avoid lengthy hosting contracts. You may discover blogging is not for you and regret forking out for three years hosting in advance.

Of course, you can take out a shorter-term plan with Bluehost, but then the price starts ramping up.

The cheaper plans are shared hosting, where you share server resources with other websites, and my gut feeling is that you are sharing those resources with a lot of sites.

Bluehost’s have other more expensive packages that perform fine, but you’ll also be paying more for them.

Check out Bluehost’s packages here.

How to start with your Free Blog Setup Service.

If you have any questions, then don’t hesitate to contact me. I am happy to provide advice, even if you don’t use my services.

To proceed with your Free Blog Setup Service, contact me. I’m available by contact form, live chat, and email

I look forward to working with you and helping you begin your blogging journey the right way.

If this no-frills blog setup service isn’t offering quite the power that you are looking for, then check out the Premium Blog Setup Service.

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THE Free Blog Setup Service - Self-Hosted WordPress.  Pro Website DeveloperTHE Free Blog Setup Service - Self-Hosted WordPress.  Pro Website DeveloperTHE Free Blog Setup Service - Self-Hosted WordPress.  Pro Website Developer

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