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Become a VLOGGING NINJA with this excellent course from CreativeLive. Presented by Amy Schmittauer.


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by Creative Live

Have you always wanted to get started with vlogging? Or maybe you vlogging already and need to take your video blog to the next level?

If this applies to you, then this expert course from Amy Schmittauer and CreativeLive might just be what you are looking for.

Video Training Modules

21 Video lessons in HD, totaling over five and a half hours of class content.

Lifetime Access

Lifetime access, anywhere, anytime with streaming and offline access on desktop and mobile.

Practical Tips

You receive practical tips you can action in your own channel.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% satisfaction guarantee.


Why Vlog?

The 3 Fears of Vlogging

How to Build Confidence

Vlogging And Storytelling

Different Gears of Vlogging

Making a Vlog

Editing Vlogs

Preparing for Sharing

Sharing on Youtube and SOcial Media

Check out this Vlog Like A Boss Video Course!!

The Full Syllabus

1 Class Introduction
2 Why Vlog?
3 The 3 Fears of Vlogging
4 How to Build Confidence On-Camera
5 Vlogging And Storytelling
6 Amy’s Authority Video Formula
7 Vlogging Gear Intro

8 Smartie Pants Gear
9 On-The-Go Gear
10 Setup Stunner Gear
11 Let’s Make a Vlog
12 Filming a Vlog
13 Editing a Vlog in Real-Time
14 Advanced Editing Tips

15 Vlog is ready. Now what?
16 How to Prepare a Vlog for YouTube
17 How to Design a Compelling Custom Thumbnail
18 How to Share a Vlog on Social Media
19 Live Streaming Video
20 The Vlogging Secret
21 Bonus Video: Video Editing Deep Dive


The course is ideal for those seeking to get started with Vlogging and don’t know how. It’s also aimed at existing Vloggers who have the potential to take their video offerings to the next level.

Your Course Provider

Creative Live

The CreativeLive Team runs the vlogging course.

CreativeLive is a community of expert innovators, doers, and hustlers. The team ethos is based on the belief in access to quality education for everyone.

Education opens up doors, breaks down barriers, fosters growth, and collaboration. It’s the building block for change. Equality, creativity, humanity has no boundaries.

Your Course Instructor
Amy Schmittauer

Amy Schmittauer
Amy Schmittauer

Amy Schmittauer presents the course. Amy is a YouTuber, keynote speaker, and best selling author— she coaches people to go after what they want in life and leverage online video to make it happen.

Mastering the art of the “jab” through vlogging means learning from Amy Schmittauer. I don’t consume a lot of videos, but Amy knows how to crush it to get attention. She got mine. Take notes.

Gary Vaynerchuk, 4-Time NYT Best-Selling Author & CEO of Vaynermedia

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Vlogging Course - Vlog Like A Boss - Learn how to Vlog with Quality Video Content And StrategyVlogging Course - Vlog Like A Boss - Learn how to Vlog with Quality Video Content And StrategyVlogging Course - Vlog Like A Boss - Learn how to Vlog with Quality Video Content And Strategy

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